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There are those among us who always have that look, that certain je ne sais quoi of style. We asked nine of Southwest Florida's beautiful people to share with us a bit about how they pull it all together.
Every outfit tells a story and for these nine fashion-forward Southwest Florida residents, their clothes reveal their interests and inspirations in all facets of their lives. From color to cut, custom scarves to bespoke shirts, we polled our polished professionals on everything from style essentials to things they hope never come back in style.
one of the finest and most creative Fort Myers Fashion Photographers available in Southwest, Florida. He creates great photos for your comp cards, websites, and any form of advertisement needed. The models always love shooting with Chris as he makes them feel their very best for the shoot.
If you are looking for an excellent Fort Myers Fashion Photographer to update your photos or simply get some beautiful photographs, then please give us a call to speak. Even if you are not a model, and just want beautiful recent photos of yourself in a beautiful dress or similar, taken by a professional photographer, then call me at 239-994-0884 to arrange a session. I guarantee you gorgeous professional photographs that will be loved by all your friends and family.
Chris has the ability to capture candid photos and composed photos that are of high quality to help you get modeling jobs through your agency, or photographs needed for your ad campaign. Chris is super creative with the light and the composition of the photos, and the perfect complimentary backgrounds always. Chris is an excellent director of talent to get the shots needed guaranteed from the models. Chris's personality takes over during the shoot enabling a perfect relaxed and comfortable mood while the photos are being taken.
You may enter the site by visiting the Home Page, clicking on the photo, or on the above menu links. Go to Fashion and then there is a drop down menu with galleries available to view.
Chris Kovaz Photography is located in Beautiful Sunny Southwest Coral, Florida, and does most of his photography on location. He also shoots headshots, modeling photos, lifestyle photos, weddings, events, products, corporate parties, architecture, stock photography, and boudoir photography. All photos are also sold as wall art for private used, home décor or for offices.
You may learn more about Chris by visiting his Biography Page
Your photographer of course must be skilled and experienced with all aspects of creating stunning images, so give him a  call at 239-994-0884. From Tampa to Naples and even in Miami I will shoot.
Always guarantees his work and does a great job with everybody. He gets the job done so you can worry more about your portfolio than the quality of the pictures themselves. Please take a moment to view a full portfolio by either clicking on the picture above or clicking on this link:
Thank you for your interest in our photographic services. We look forward to speaking with you in regard to your photography in Southwest, Florida.

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